Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love guitar cover Instrumental

3 years ago

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE is a rock song by Led Zeppelin , it is from the second album LED ZEPPLIN II .This song has sold more than a millon copies . The song is ranked at # 75 in the list of 500
in all time best songs by ROLLING STONE. The song is in a compound ABBA Type song .
LED ZEPPELIN were an ENGLISH ROCK BAND in 1960's and 70's. The members are JIMMY
PAGE ,ROBERT PLANT , JOHN PAUL JONS , JHON BONHAM .The band is considered as heavioust band of all time or greatest ROCK n ROLL band of alltime. led zepplin's music were derived from BLUES and influenced a lot from the folkish music of america and REGGAE.
Their music being noted with unusual power , speed and rhythmic patterns and dynamics.
This is why they were being cited for heavy rock and hard metal ,songs are with multi tracked guitar patterns . The band was separated after the sudden death of JOHN BONHAM in 1980.
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