Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - Instrumental Guitar

3 years ago

NOTHING ELSE MATTER is a single from the famous band METALLICA. The song is rele-
ring -ased with the studio album METALLCIA which was their fourth one and released in 1992. This song was one of the most popular song of them and peaked to #11 of BILLBOARD 's hits.
ring METALLICA is a famous american METAL band .metalica became a comersial success with
their fifth ablum THE BLACK ALBUM which was debut in BILLBOARD HOT 100 as number # 1
ring .In 2009 metalica inducted into HALL OF FAME of Rock N Roll. Their music is charectrised
by heavy metal hard rock, fast and furies instrumentals and fast tempo .Intheir recent relases
a they reduced the fast tempo and agressiveness. Metalica is the most infulvenstial heavy band of all time .They got almost 8 grammy awards in diffrent years prir to 2009.
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