The Beatles- Happiness is a Warm Gun

3 years ago

THE BEATLES - is the most famous and critically acclaimed band in the musical history . The
band were active through 60's . The band line-up were John lennon , Paul McCartney,George
Harrison ,Ringo Starr . Beatles are the best selling band in the history of music by selling
arround 2 billion copies till 2012 . The won 7 Grammy awards and . The redefined the pop music of 1960's . They were inducted to Rock N Roll HALL OF FAME in 1988.disbanded on 1970.
B' THE HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN ' - is a famous song form the album ' THE WHITE ALBUM'
B It is written by JOHN LENNON and McKartney.One of the key feature of the song is change in
S beat intravel change, frequent tempo and phrase changes.Though the song starts with the
standard 4/4 phrasing, there are frequent changes in the progression.Rhytham is challenging
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