Let It Be - The Beatles piano and violin Instrumental cover

3 years ago

THE BEATLES - is the most famous and critically acclaimed band in the musical history . The
band were active through 60's . The band line-up were John lennon , Paul McCartney,George
Harrison ,Ringo Starr . Beatles are the best selling band in the history of music by selling
arround 2 billion copies till 2012 . The won 7 Grammy awards and . The redefined the pop music of 1960's . They were inducted to Rock N Roll HALL OF FAME in 1988.disbanded on 1970.
"LET IT BE " - is the 12th and final album by famous english rock band BEATLES and shortly
after the band announsed their break up. " LET IT BE " was recrded in 1969 before the
arecordings of the album ABBEY ROAD , but it realesed only at MAY 8 of 1970.

Let It Be topped albums charts .The Let It Be single and The Long and Winding Road also reached number one in the US. Several songs from the recording sessions have been released officially in versions different from those on the Let It Be album. Get Back Don't Let Me Down and Let It Be were released as singles in 1969 and 1970, respectively