BEATLES - In my life Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Cover

3 years ago

THE BEATLES - is the most famous and critically acclaimed band in the musical history . The
band were active through 60's . The band line-up were John Lennon , Paul McCartney,George
Harrison ,Ringo Starr . Beatles are the best selling band in the history of music by selling
around 2 billion copies till 2012 . The won 7 Grammy awards and . The redefined the pop music of 1960's . They were inducted to Rock N Roll HALL OF FAME in 1988.disbanded on 1970.
" IN MY LIFE " - Is a s famous song by the rock band ' THE BEATLES '.It is written by Lennon
and McCartney .this Song is released in 1965 in the famous album ' RUBBER SOUL ".it was
S ranked at 23rd of the all time 500 best songs of ' Rolling stone'.The instrumental bridge
is provided by the George Martin. Majo magazine elected this song as best song ever
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