LADY GAGA - Bad Romance Instrumental

3 years ago

BAD ROMANCE is a famous album by LADY GAGA form her album THE FAME MONSTER
The song was listed at top in ROLLING STONE and captured GRAMMY AWARD for the BEST VOCAL FEMALE POP PERFORMANCE .More than a 10 millon copies of it sold throught world
LADY GAGA is an american singer and song writter .Her dubut album released in 2008 named
THE FAME. was a commersial success.BILLBOARD ranked her at 4th in greatest women artists of altime . She have a DANCE - POP style which is by the infulvence of MICKEL JAKSON MADONNA etc.GAGA 's voccals in the range of CONTRALTO. Her voice are emotional than,music song musical .
anything .GAGA's music can be classified in EUROPOP .But latest musics of her are a
little more filled with electricaly slezed beates and auto tunes . She posses a unique fassion
dressing sensce and persona other than the music in public and engaged with LGBT activisam
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